Ninja Sex Party

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release date: 2016-08-31
  • Additionally: notExplicit
  • A country: USA
  • Duration: 9:32



  • 2 years of work was beyond worth!

    By BigNDgg
    It's amazing!!!
  • Marvelous!

    By Almobert
    It cured like all my problems, yo.
  • Amazing video, wish I could see it in HD now

    By nyrtin
    It'll probably be up in HD on YouTube, but I wish that I could see it in HD from iTunes since I bought it. I'm still pleased with it, the quality I got wasn't terrible, and who knows maybe it's an issue with my computer and has nothing to do with NSP's upload. Anyway, great work guys. They were able to keep it funny throughout such a long song, and that's not something many musical comedy acts can do.
  • NSP

    By Alxu00189
    I love nsp and this music vid is great đź’•
  • Best Music Video EVER

    By Darth yoyo
    This is literally the greatest thing that my eyes and ears can enjoy together in perfect harmony
  • Ummmm

    By Warren Quets
    What the hell LOL
  • Best $1.99 I've Ever Spent

    By cuteapoot
    NSP is the band I turn to when I need to cheer myself up, and 6969 just kills it! I'm especially happy that, even though the production value of this music video is leagues above their other videos, they kept a lot of the cheesy effects and stunts that made their lower-production videos charming. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes NSP or dick humor in general!
  • One of the best songs ever

    By Listen Developers
    This song and video go great together. I highly recommend it, fan or no you should listen to it.
  • 69/69!

    By Sgjoiodfvb
    A masterpiece!
  • Music video of the century

    By Spartangreg 116
    Move over Taylor Sift and Beyoncé Danny sexbang and ninja Brian are coming for the crown!

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  • 6969

    Ninja Sex Party